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MK Floortec Services COVID-19:

Notice to our customers

We hope you are all safe and well during these difficult times.


Here at MK Floortec we are doing everything we can to limit the spread of COVID-19 through our work. While we are all hungry to get back to business as usual, we must continue to protect our valued customers, staff and the general public. Don't worry, we are still committed to delivering the high standard of service expected of us; just with a few tweaks:


1. We are open Monday-Friday, 9.30am-4.00pm

    Social distancing can be tricky, especially for a small business! We

    are staggering shifts to enable staff to maintain distance as much as

    possible. As much as we love what we do, a full day on your own at

    our place can be exhausting - to avoid staff burning out, we have

    reduced opening hours slightly while still trying to be as accessible

    as possible for our customers.


2. We are social distancing

    Our place can be a bit pokey. To keep staff and customers at least 6ft

     apart as much as possible, we are serving customers outside for now.

     This is also to protect our customers from dust - as well as domestic,

     we take in equipment from commercial settings such as schools and care

     homes - we don't want you exposed to this unecessarily during the

     pandemic for obvious reasons.


3. We are handwashing and disinfecting regularly

    Because of what we do, we understand it is essential to keep the shop

    and everything and everyone in it as clean as possible. We are following

    the most up-to-date Government guidance on handwashing and disinfecting

    - this includes the equipment we work on. Rest assured that your equipment

    is disinfected before being returned to you.


4. We are taking things a little slower for now

    We're all in this together. While we try to keep all the bases covered

    in-store, we are hitting slight delays with ordering in spares from suppliers.

    We ask that customers please bear this in mind - nothing too dramatic, and

    we are still trying to turn things around within a week, but just expect a

    slightly longer turnaround than usual.


5. We need you to stay safe

   To protect us and yourselves, we ask that customers please contact us 

    before visiting the shop to see if we can help you first. We also ask that

    households that have or have recently had symptoms of COVID-19 not to

    visit until these have cleared for obvious reasons.


Thank you all. Together we will beat this.


Stay safe.